Ocean Simone Shine - West Coast Photo Booth & DLP

"I had the good fortune to be referred to Jay Santarossa. I came to him with an extravagant concept, which was mostly unpractical for its intended purpose. With Jay’s creative conceptualization and ability to ask me a few good questions he was able to fine tune what was most important and translate my vision into a functional, practical logo. And… I love it.  Highly Recommend!"


Jay Bowers - Pacific Surf School - Owner

"I have been working with Jay Santarossa since 2004 on various projects. His ability to translate your thoughts or thoughts from a round table think tank to the digi world is why I come back to SC time and time again. In my experiences it has been difficult to find someone that you just click with on that level."


Vin Heney - Public Relatiions at North Strategic

"Jay is everything you want in a designer. He’s a wicked talented artist who also understands the attention to detail required to work successfully with clients. He was able to take my scattered ideas and produce a compelling design that captured perfectly what I saw in my head. Quick turnaround, highly collaborative, and always professional."


Jennifer Steven - Eagle Aerie Gallery - CEO/Gallery Director

"Santarossa Creative is innovative, productive, stylish, professional and the company I call when I need graphics for my business. Jay and his team are always on time and on budget with their creative ideas whether it is marketing materials, books, calendar layout or website design. You will not be dissappointed!"


Marc Bertrand - Four Mind Creative - Owner

"Jay's professionalism with his creative work is second to none.  He's enthusiastic, full of great ideas and brings his own unique, artistic flare to his craft.  His design speaks for itself, but Jay's ability to collaborate on projects is what really sets him apart.  Jay is truly a pleasure to work with as a team member and can also be reliably counted on through assignment on independent work."


Estuardo Ventura - Tofino Surf Adventures - Owner

"Jay at Santarossa Creative did wonders for the design of our website.  I had a solid idea of what I wanted it to look like and he completely took it to another level.  I cannot count how many customers I have had come through my business that either commented on how awesome our website is or how they picked our services because of how much they liked our website, compared to our competitors.  I cannot thank Jay enough for the amazing job he did.  He was very professional, easy to work with, to talk to and always had an open mind and ear when listening to what I wanted.  I highly recommend Jay’s services to anyone."


Jens Kalwa - Adventure Tofino - Owner

"Jay Santarossa made my website. I am super happy with the website. It looks great and we get a lot of good comments on it from our guests. Our business has been getting better for the last years even though the business in town here has gone down for everyone and I believe it is because of our new website.

Another great thing about the website is that I can make changes and  manage everything on it myself.     Jay is very quick in getting back to me when there is things that  I need him for (rack cards, stickers and logo)."


Brenda Piquette - Sea Wench Naturals Website

"You have one of the most beautiful websites I've ever seen--and as a writer/researcher/communications person I've seen many. Amazing job. I'll be visiting again in the future to order some Tsunami bars--what a great idea."